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A Pictorial Post

Flash back to the 80s and 90s when I was an advertising sales representative.  We didn't have fancy titles, the title of where we worked in the media was our badge of honor.  Mine was magazines.  How I love the smell of the ink without the annoyance of a whole lot of black stuff rubbed on my thumb and index finger.  

Some words float out of me as part of those days.  I'll have to root through and find some of my favorite projects and share on ThePublisher blog that I created to talk about publishing.  It is a topic I love in the act of sharing information and making the world a more beautiful place.

A Pictorial, as I recall, and before I go to the ever-handy WIKIpedia for the answers ::..... is an editorial piece that is almost all visual photography, imagery or art with only captions below minimally.  It allows the viewer to absorb and take in the image fleetingly capturing where your eyes fall upon.  Comments unnecessary, yet impossible if you are its creator, who happens to like to write.  Think about practicing one's listening skills.  Perhaps a mindful exercise, like doing leg stretches before doing any exercise, dance or sport.  

My FAVORITE 1980s move:  E.T.

Can you think of five other 80s movies off the top of your head?  Need help? I found a site that will show you all, along with other goodies on  SHORTLIST  on "The 25 Greatest Movies of the 80s".  There were still at least a handful that I haven't seen .... yet.

 TWEET II:  Response to TWEET I 

REMEMBER:  Your words are your weapon.

   How stress can impact behavior  

I was really lucky to have stumbled across (because it wasn't via STUMBLEUPON) this fellow, TJ Houston's website.  He has instructions on how to do really cool stuff that would appeal to the Tween, Teen, Millennial, Yuppies, Baby Boomers.



ONE TO WATCH:  ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation of China could be a game changer in the world of telecommunications.  Can you imagine them expanding across to the Americas, Europe and beyond?  I can.

 Has really been gaining momentum.  Its readership leaping to between 800 to over 1000 page views a day.  That is remarkable because it didn't seem that long ago when it wasn't surprising to get that many in one month.  Maybe I will be able to do this full time one day, sooner than later.

I have ideas brewing for a website and how to develop it in such a way that my various blogs and subject matter become key elements.  That remains to be seen whether it comes to fruition.  I have paid for two domains so far, recently, and between the antics of frustration as an end user I'm not thinking that "Go Daddy" is going to win any awards or nominations from me.  

They are breaking a cardinal rule in sales:  don't start selling the next product or service until you're certain the first one is satisfying your customer or else the annoyance becomes more expressive and louder.  Which reminds me to go back to my email inbox, which is enormous these days with over 11,000 to date.  I need to sleuth out where that domain website is and with whom and figure out why I never did launch it.

71 Messages and counting on Linked In in addition to 11,010 here

     71 Messages and counting on Linked In                            PLUS 11,010 here                         

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  Source:  The Atlantic   


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